November 10, 2017

Premiere: Ayelle – Silverplates (Prod. Crayon)

Swedish-Iranian singer Ayelle takes on male entitlement on Crayon-produced new track “Silverplates”. Out today on Majestic Casual Records, “Silverplates” smartly and subversively uses the R&B idiom as a setting in communicating its lyric, Ayelle says, “Silverplates is a metaphor for male privilege and the entitlement felt towards female identifying bodies. Too often in this narrative, women are made to feel as if they’re disposable, and it’s an exhausting landscape to navigate.”. On production is French producer Crayon whose warm tones jazz-influenced style adds further potency to “Silverplates” R&B as subversion. Stream the B3SCI Premiere, of “Silverplates” from Ayelle below.

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