November 16, 2017

Premiere: Payton Odom – At My Door

“At My Door”, the debut track online from Brooklyn via Texas songwriter Payton Odom is one of those extraordinary at-the-beginning moments when a great lyric and melody and perfectly-tuned production come together for a new artist in a most remarkable way. On “At My Door”, Odom matches a spare piano-driven aesthetic to subtle electronics and a cool midtempo rhythm track to a wonderfully plaintive lyric. Odom describes writing “At My Door”, “I wrote ‘At My Door’ while rumbling underneath the East River on my morning train ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan, which is always a bit of a lucid dream. For me, the song is about knowing how to stay safe by staying alone, and wondering about whether the push-pull of a relationship will ever settle.” Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “At My Door” from Payton Odom below.

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