April 26, 2017

Premiere: Von Grey – Poison in the Water

We’re very pleased to premiere the excellent “Poison in the Water”, the new track from Atlanta-based sister trio Von Grey. The track which rides a tough-edged ominous (but no less very catchy) groove and a cleverly-arranged set of instrumentals brimming with menace and potency has it’s origin in VG’s love for brooding compositions, “We’ve always been attracted to dark soundscapes, and have spent our recent months & years reconstructing our sense of experimental musicality. “Poison In The Water” is our most recent attempt at marrying our musical sensibility with our collective personal and social state of mind.” Continuing the band says about “Poison in the Water”, “(it’s) is a song that’s simultaneously introverted and focused on external observations/disillusions. We’re living in a time ripe with suspicion and suspense, yet lacking in privacy. And somehow, through it all, so many are able to live in a bubble of complacency.” “Poison in the Water” is a formidable bit of dark pop with a strength to it that is particularly electric. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Poison in the Water” from Von Grey below.

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