February 29, 2012

The Cold One Hundred – Sixteen Inside (Demo)

By Chris Gedos


The most classically constructed rock song I’ve heard thus far in 2k12, The Cold One Hundred’s “Sixteen Inside” is a song for aficionados. A very Liverpudlian intro ripens into a Londoner verse and American college Rock chorus from the Manchester five piece, but with the geographical influences melded into something cohesive, original and much removed from the Factory Records legacy. The stuck-at-sixteen motif, rarely utilized by contemporary groups on either side of the pond, is perfectly employed here. Having already provided support for The Vaccines and Spector, it’s only a matter of weeks before The Cold One Hundred drops one of Mr. Lowe’s Hottest Records. The ghost of Alex Chilton nods his head in accordance.

The Cold One Hundred england (Facebook)

Rating 8.71


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