June 30, 2014

The Morning Birds – Indian Summer Bloom (Dimond Saints Remix)

Morning Birds Indian Summer Bloom Dimond Saints Remix

LA’s The Morning Birds have always been hard to peg down sonically which has ultimately added a touch of mystique to their output. The BLOOM EP, set to be released August 12th, ups the ante by bringing in a slew of unique DJ’s who remix their track “Bloom” into sonically matched seasons of the year. SPOILER ALERT: The original track is a mind blowing jazz, trip-hop odyssey that itself won’t be released till the EP drops.
For now, we can satiate our hunger with Dimond Saints’ hypnotic rendition, which leans heavily on the Bay-Area duo’s knack for future bass and booty-shaking low end. A sound which has become Dimond Saints staple in recent months with designer remixes for the likes of Seinabo Sey and LAYLA. The track brings a spiritual quality to EDM, and is complemented by a passionate vocal delivery manipulated to sound like Gregorian Monks which notches the vocal track down into a deep and spellbinding chant. By Mike Olinger

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Rating 8.3


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