January 12, 2013

Throwback Saturday: Cressida – 6am (Kyau And Albert Remix)

Club music has many fans. But I don’t believe the average JOEnie loves Chachi knows when done right, the genre is essential. It is clear DJ Tiesto (amongst others) gets slack because he is mainstream. We must remember music was born for the masses. Just because everybody likes it doesn’t mean it is bad. Innovative “artists” are simply sparse. 2006 – 2008 is my golden age for trance. Tiesto couldn’t help releasing this vocal, dance track in his 2008 Asia-inspired compilation. And, you can bet your bottom dollar the full version is even better. By Teddy Pendergrass

Cressida – 6am (Kyau And Albert Remix)

Kyau And Albert (Official)

Rating 8.4


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