June 18, 2013

Premiere: Night Drive – Drones [Remix EP and Video]

drones night drive

Texan synthpop crew Night Drive is releasing a new Remix EP for their latest single “Drones”. It’s a safe bet that you’ve already been (or at least should be) non-stop jamming to Bit-Funk’s stellar version of the track for the past week. Here’s your first chance to check out the full collection of dance floor bangers including additional remixes from Glasnost and Crystal Vision.

Also, below we’ve got the premiere for the superbly cut and visually stimulating music video for “Drones”. As the band puts it about their filming experience for the video, “We shot tons of footage over the course of 2 days, and at the end of the last day we were all pretty delirious. Rodney and I were lying down on a green screen and the crew started dropping pieces of paper on our faces. Jim filmed it and we ended up really liking it. Now we have all of this unused footage we plan to turn into a silent detective film.”

Night Drive (Soundcloud)

NIGHT DRIVE – DRONES (Official Music Video) from nightdrivemusic on Vimeo.

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