November 19, 2011

REVIEW: Mike Higbee – Secret Life [LP]

Contributed by Trevor Meyer


Recently, I had the pleasure of listening to Mike Higbee’s new album, Secret Life. The New York native released the album last month. This album is refreshing, not to mention, incredibly diverse. Higbee’s sincere, emotive writing and ability to facilitate different moods and themes are ever-present in this collection. Some of Higbee’s ballads such as “All I Should Have Told You” and “Hotel Lights” remind me of the Moody Blues and Elliot Smith. His vocal work on “Love Letter” (another gorgeous ballad) is beautiful and restrained – providing hanging notes over an extended range of pitches. Secret Life infuses folk, post rock, soul, waltz music, and pop weaved together with stunning dissonant harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics. My favorite track is the slow burner “The Waltz of Dead Love.” Well done, Mr. Higbee, I applaud you.

Mike Higbee – All I Should Have Told You

Mike Higbee – Love Letter

Mike Higbee newyork (Facebook) (Bandcamp)

Rating 8.6


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