November 21, 2010

Summer Fiction – Throw Your Arms Around Me / To: Alone / Chandeliers


Summer Fiction is both everything and nothing you’ve heard before. We wish more music fell into our inboxes like this. It’s Baroque Pop, it’s torch songs, it’s freewheelin’ Folk, it’s reminiscent of the golden days… but most of all it’s the roots and sound that’s Rock and Roll. It’s why Rock and Roll will never die.

Every now and then we are graced with a songwriter that can make even the simplest sounds heard before, still well worth hearing. With all of today’s media bombardment, I hear these songs and I listen. All I want to do is sit and listen. Bill Ricchini is one of those songwriters, and “Throw Your Arms Around Me” is one of those songs. Take a listen to “To: Alone”, when was the last time you heard a pop song this slow… this good? It’s a sound that reminisces where Richard Swift could have gone and what Elliot Smith had in his bones.

The Summer Fiction LP drops November 30th. True songwriters always have something good to say.

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Summer Fiction – Throw Your Arms Around Me

Summer Fiction – To: Alone

Summer Fiction – Chandeliers [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Rating: 9.0

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