Giveaway: She & Him w/ Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, Matthew White @ Hollywood Bowl in LA this Sunday (6/23/13)


We’ve got a surprise giveaway for y’all today! This Sunday (6/23) Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, aka She & Him, will take to the stage at the legendary Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles to kick off ‘The Bowl’s’ always stellar Summer Concert Series. The duo will be performing fan favorites as well as new material from their recent Old Yellow Moon release, and they will be receiving support that night from Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell, and Matthew White. We’ve got one pair of tickets to giveaway to this special summer evening for one lucky reader!

For your chance to win the pair of tickets, just email us here and let us know you’d like to go… and we’ll enter you to win in our drawing to take place this afternoon! Our winner will be picked at random from the pool of submissions (one entry per person), so keep an eye on your inbox. You can get additional details on the show, as well as purchase tickets for the show at the Hollywood Bowl website. Good luck!

Hollywood Bowl california (Tickets and Info)
She & Him (Official)

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Premiere: Night Drive – Drones [Remix EP and Video]

drones night drive

Texan synthpop crew Night Drive is releasing a new Remix EP for their latest single “Drones”. It’s a safe bet that you’ve already been (or at least should be) non-stop jamming to Bit-Funk’s stellar version of the track for the past week. Here’s your first chance to check out the full collection of dance floor bangers including additional remixes from Glasnost and Crystal Vision.

Also, below we’ve got the premiere for the superbly cut and visually stimulating music video for “Drones”. As the band puts it about their filming experience for the video, “We shot tons of footage over the course of 2 days, and at the end of the last day we were all pretty delirious. Rodney and I were lying down on a green screen and the crew started dropping pieces of paper on our faces. Jim filmed it and we ended up really liking it. Now we have all of this unused footage we plan to turn into a silent detective film.”

Night Drive (Soundcloud)

NIGHT DRIVE – DRONES (Official Music Video) from nightdrivemusic on Vimeo.

Rating 8.3


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John Newman – Love Me Again (Love Thy Brother Remix)

john newman love me again

Love. Love. Love. Brotherly love by way of electronic production duo Love Thy Brother on this new remix of John Newman’s “Love Me Again”. The sample textures and vocal hook arranging make for a welcome sunny reinterpretation of this already stellar track. Lovely, isn’t it?

Love Thy Brother (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.3


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Oliver Wilde – Perrett’s Brook (Edit)

Oliver Wilde

Oh yes, we definitely love this. “Perrett’s Brook” is how the much-attempted in 2013 “hazy lo-fi rock w/ melodies” sound is supposed to be done. Meet Oliver Wilde. A Brief Introduction To Unnatural Lightyears is out July 22.

Oliver Wilde (Soundcloud)

Rating 8.6


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Interview w/ Josef Salvat

Sam Hiscox - Josef Salvat - Beach

This week marks the release of “Hustler”, the new (and just) second single from internet and UK based pop sensation Josef Salvat. B3SCI writer Erin Feathers recently caught up with Salvat for a quick Q&A about his rise to notoriety, knack for brooding lyrics and other messy cerebral stuff. Have a peek at their conversation below.

B3SCI: You are quite the internet sensation this year. Congratulations. Do you find yourself constantly smiling or are you overwhelmed by all the attention?

Josef Salvat: I haven’t really had time to think about it all, which is probably a good thing! But when I do it’s a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B.

B3SCI: Earlier this year your beautifully understated ballad “This Life” premiered with a bang. Your catchy maudlin lyrics and vocal cadence have people comparing you to Lana del Rey. Do you feel like you can relate in any way? What sort of an opening statement is “This Life” for you as an artist?

Josef Salvat: The comparisons are really flattering, I think she’s excellent. I think “This Life” is probably more a part of an opening statement than ‘the’ opening statement and hopefully that will become clearer as I release more stuff.

B3SCI: While we are on the subject, what are you most grateful for in this life?

Josef Salvat: The people in it – my parents, my friends, people I’ve worked with – I’ve been amazingly lucky in that department.

B3SCI: How is it finding your sound and image as an artist in light of becoming such an ‘overnight’ success?

Josef Salvat: I think the term ‘overnight success’ might be a bit premature. But essentially I’m still just doing what I want, to my own standards, which is what I’ve always done. The one difference is, now that people are watching, I have to learn from my mistakes faster than I used to.

B3SCI: Can you picture yourself crossing over from Pop to another music genre? If so, what genre(s) entice(s) you?

Josef Salvat: ‘Pop’, as I conceive it, is a pretty broad genre and one that allows you to dip into a whole bunch of different styles at the same time – so whilst my influences might shift around I don’t think I’d stray so far as to leave it altogether. But you never know. At this point I’m not sure where I’d go.

B3SCI: Your latest track “Hustler” is an immense hit amongst the blogosphere. The video is beautiful as well. Can you tell us a little about the song and how the video concept relates with your vision?

Josef Salvat: I guess “Hustler” was me trying to voice the psychology behind certain self-destructive behaviours. I tried to reflect that in the video and draw that distinction between the process of thought and all the messy cerebral stuff that goes on inside.

B3SCI: We noticed you have a gift for brooding lyrics. Is it difficult ever to translate seemingly real life struggles into your music?

Josef Salvat: It’s not something I can consciously do very well – if lyrics come about something then they come. If I sit down and go ‘I’m going to write a song about this’ I’m rarely happy with the end product.

B3SCI: Now that you are based in London, have you taken into the live music scene?

Josef Salvat: Absolutely – there’s no place like it.

B3SCI: As an artist what basic message do you hope to convey for posterity?

Josef Salvat: I don’t really have a basic message – I think I’d find that kind of limiting. And if one appears, it probably won’t have been dictated by me but inferred by others, which I think is usually what happens.

Interview by Erin Feathers

Josef Salvat england (Facebook) (Purchase on iTunes)

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On-The-Go – Crumpled Memories

on the go

Russians in Brooklyn On-The-Go, whom we covered a few times here at b3sci, release new single “Crumpled Memories”. As we aluded to in February, the blogosphere is totally blowing it with this band. Tracks like “Crumpled Memories” demand attention. Recalling a bit of bands like The National and Foals (dreamy, bass-driven, very melodic), “Crumpled Memories” is likely at least 10x better than just about anything else you’ll hear today. Don’t miss out.

On-The-Go russia (Facebook)

Rating 8.3


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Joey Bada$$ – 95 Til Infinity (Prod. Lee Bannon)

Joey Bada$$ - 95 Til Infinity (Prod. Lee Bannon)

Joey Bad doesn’t miss. ’95 Til Infinity”, the second release from J.B.’s upcoming Summer Knights LP, connects the Brooklyn-based rapper and a stack of fly a f rhymes with a fresh laid-back Lee Bannon instrumental. It’s a hit.

Joey Bada$$ (Facebook)

Rating 8.5


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Nightbox – Utopia


Toronto-based Nightbox excel on a tremendous melodic sense and a great feel for well hewn pop songwriting with new single “Utopia”. Bright synth lines, enough rhythmic pizzazz to get yr Grams stepping & a big shiny infinitely singable chorus highlight Utopia’s quality. The band will be dropping (and we’re definitely psyched!) an LP later this year produced by MSTRKRFT’s Al-P and DFA79’s Sebastien Grainger.


JUNE 14 – Grand Central – Miami, FL
JUNE 15 – The Social – Orlando, FL
JUNE 17 – Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL
JUNE 18 – Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL
JUNE 19 – Terminal West – Atlanta, GA
JUNE 20 – Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
JUNE 23 – IOTA – Arlington, VA
JUNE 24 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
JUNE 25 – Middle East Upstairs – Boston, MA
AUG 02 – Summer In The Park – North Bay, ON
AUG 03 – Grove Festival – Toronto, ON
AUG 04 – Osheaga Festival – Montreal, QB
AUG 09 – Squamish Valley Music Festival – Squamish, BC
AUG 11 – Crankworx Festival – Whistler, BC
AUG 17 – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA
AUG 19 – School Night! @ Bardot – Los Angeles, CA
AUG 20 – Check Yo Ponytail @ Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
AUG 25 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s

Nightbox (Facebook)

Rating 8.3


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Sango – When I Need You the Most

sango when i need you most

We’re pretty big stans for Detroit producer Sango. Here, Sango lets go a soft & subtle bit of (non-cliched) late-night R&B beats that would do sound right at home on the new Drake record.

Sango (Facebook)

Rating 8.3


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