Premiere: Cosmos & Creature – Ride the Wave

The rapidly rising L.A.-based duo Cosmos & Creature are back today with potent new one “Ride the Wave”. The twosome who count a Spotify US Global #1 and opening slots with John Mayer and James Bay in their C.V. excel further forward on “Ride the Wave” a big accessible pop crossover-ready track complete with the hook-writing aplomb to conquer streaming charts around the world. About the creative genesis of the track, the duo says, “We wrote “Ride The Wave” about taking your first step when you can’t necessarily foresee the outcome. It’s about learning to embrace the journey over the destination, and more importantly making your own future. We hope this message empowers people to go after what they love & believe in, even when facing adversity.” We’re very pleased to premiere “Ride the Wave” from Cosmos & Creature below.

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Premiere: Sean Christopher – Paper Plane Pilot

Dutch musician in Bristol UK Sean Christopher streams great new track “Paper Plane Pilot”. Mr. Christopher whose song “Everything” sync’d internationally in an Audi commercial pulls particular inspiration for this new track from his father’s flamenco guitar playing. The track itself excels on that swerve-y texture in route to a very listenable and magnetic bit of guitar pop. We’re very pleased to B3 premiere “Paper Plane Pilot” below and look for Sean Christopher’s debut LP Yonder forthcoming from Dumont Dumont.

Stream the best new songs in emerging music with our Top 12 of the Week playlist

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Premiere: Hurley Mower – Momma Told Me

Chicago producer Hurley Mower puts a cool new after hours instrumental around an interpolation one of the best rap tracks of the year Migos’ “T-Shirt” with fresh effects. Don’t miss. Stream the B3SCI premiere of “Momma Told Me” below.

Stream the best new songs in emerging music with our Top 12 of the Week playlist

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Premiere: Dresage – Center

We’re very pleased to premiere “Center” the new track from Dresage. A stylistically varied blend of genres and sound palettes, “Center” nimbly mixes elements of synth pop and more cooled-out songwriter music with good and unexpected choices in instrumentation (it’s almost like two great songs from far apart genres made into one whole that sounds totally fresh and new). This is what really caught our attention with “Center” and with Dresage, the track sounds like nothing else out while ultimately still being very very listenable. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Center” from Dresage below.

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Premiere: PARKER – Runs & Rides

Photo Credit: Sofia Sallons

Now living in England, 21-year old PARKER spent her formative years in Australia. For PARKER, new track “Runs & Rides” is thematically a re-animation of that time in her life,

“Runs and Rides as a phrase, conjures up ideas of escapism for me. As a child it was riding my bike around these bumpy small town backstreets and then as a teenager, it was speeding around in cars with the music turned up loud, driving nowhere in particular…we’d sneak out on the weekends and drive around, go to parties, drink on the beach, fall in love. I just really romanticise those years in my head, so I wanted to capture them…it all feels so much more exciting the first time around.”

The track is a sleek turn of chunky inventive rhythm structures, a cool percussive vocal melody, and a sheen on top of reverbed guitar jabs and synth menace. We’re very pleased to B3 premiere “Runs & Rides” new from PARKER for Killing Moon Records.

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Premiere: Slowlights – Overgrown

UK band Slowlights announce “I Try So Hard” EP with first stream “Overgrown”. The London-based Slowlights profile continues to build up following supporting slots with Eliza and the Bear and Lewis Watson and spins from BBC London. Here, Slowlights marks out a strong anthemic course on track “Overgrown” complete with a big, instantly singable chorus and an equally ambitious sound palette. “Overgrown” is included on Slowlights’ “I Try So Hard” EP from Killing Moon Records. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Overgrown” below.

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Premiere: Barrie Rose – Not Your Light

Photo: Thunderlush- Rodrick Silverman

“Not Your Light” is new from L.A.-based Barrie Rose. Produced by Taylor Dexter, the midtempo song is marked by Ms. Rose’s strong emotive alto and a quality to the track’s melodies that very quickly pulls you into them. We love “Not Your Light” and are very pleased to B3 premiere the track below. Enjoy.

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Premiere: School of X – Words

B3SCI is very pleased to premiere a new radio edit of “Words” from Rasmus Littauer aka drummer for MØ aka School of X. “Words”, the track is a tremendously accomplished bit of pop production and songwriting, carefully connecting several eras and styles of pop and alternative pop into a cool cohesive, very listenable track. About “Words”, Rasmus says, “My songs are usually about a state of mind. It’s rarely a narrative. “Words” is kind of a combination of these to. It’s about fiercely wanting something but at the same time not being able to let go of what you already have. It’s a feeling I think everyone recognizes in all aspects of life, including myself.” Stream below the B3 Premiere of the radio edit for “Words” and look for School of X’s at this month’s Roskilde Festival.

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Premiere: Drinker – Which Way Is South

“Which Way Is South” is the debut track online for the LA/NYC duo of Aaron Mendelssohn and Ariel Loh a/k/a Drinker. The minimal, transportative “Which Way Is South” (as well as a forthcoming EP) is the result of a two month collaboration between composer Loh (who recently scored Sundance film The Eyes Of My Mother) and songwriter Mendelssohn (formerly of Brooklyn band The Yes Way). “Which Way Is South” is the first stream from Drinker’s “Happy Accident” EP which is coming soon from Dollar Slice Records. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Which Way Is South” below and if you’re in L.A. you can catch Drinker at Hotel Cafe on May 10th.

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Premiere: Von Grey – Poison in the Water

We’re very pleased to premiere the excellent “Poison in the Water”, the new track from Atlanta-based sister trio Von Grey. The track which rides a tough-edged ominous (but no less very catchy) groove and a cleverly-arranged set of instrumentals brimming with menace and potency has it’s origin in VG’s love for brooding compositions, “We’ve always been attracted to dark soundscapes, and have spent our recent months & years reconstructing our sense of experimental musicality. “Poison In The Water” is our most recent attempt at marrying our musical sensibility with our collective personal and social state of mind.” Continuing the band says about “Poison in the Water”, “(it’s) is a song that’s simultaneously introverted and focused on external observations/disillusions. We’re living in a time ripe with suspicion and suspense, yet lacking in privacy. And somehow, through it all, so many are able to live in a bubble of complacency.” “Poison in the Water” is a formidable bit of dark pop with a strength to it that is particularly electric. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “Poison in the Water” from Von Grey below.

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Premiere: Coastal Clouds – Nothing to Hide

B3SCI is pleased to premiere, “Nothing to Hide”, the debut track online of L.A.’s Coastal Clouds. The track’s West Coast sound composed of sunny guitar arpeggios, a spare lo-fi rhythm track, and a sweet bit of great melodic writing belies (and sadly, also reality too for many in California) the song’s lyrical impetus. Coastal Clouds’ Roberto said about the track, “The song, “Nothing to Hide” is mostly about my first few years in California. When I moved from Florida, I started interning in studios and working in restaurants to make ends meet and I was living out of my car in Venice for a few months.” He continues, “The irony is that I was parking my car by some of the most expensive streets to live or shop on and I didn’t have more than a few dollars to my name. Everyone in Venice seemed to recognize me at that point since I was always skating around grabbing coffees and lunches for the studio owners and the lyrics “ You might of seen me on an empty street when my cup was dry “ and “ Look at all those pretty things that I just can’t buy” are memories of those first few years in California which many people experience when they first move out here”

We love “Nothing to Hide” and we’re stoked to stream the track’s premiere below.

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Premiere: Aaron Taos – Off My Mind (Video)

Back in February, we called Aaron Taos’ “Off My Mind” one of the best pop songs of thus far of this weird year of 2017. Well, 2017 is still weird and “Off My Mind” is still one of the year’s best thusfar. Effortless knockout hook one after another, “Off My Mind” bridges accessibility and pop artfulness in a particularly special way. We’re stoked to premiere the video for the track which in Aaron’s words centers on “essentially me going through a day stuck at my parents house thinking about this person I’m singing about.”, continuing, “When I first started seeing my girlfriend, she was in Virginia and I was home for the summer in New Haven, so the video is pretty accurate in that sense.” Look out for what is ostensibly a real-life cameo from Taos’ parents in the clip. Stream the B3 Premiere of Aaron Taos’ video for “Off My Mind” below and you can stream the track on Spotify here.

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