Premiere: Gosh Pith – Medusa

The Pith Boys are back with a fresh new track and a slew of December East Coast dates. The new song comes in the form of “Medusa” which is yet another unexpected sound swerve from the DET duo. Featuring tremolo acoustic guitar and that Ty Dolla $ piano pad (pamp pamp pamp) GP ably wrap up the stylistic disparate-ness with a cool melodic groove that we’re into. Pith are working on new tracks at the abandoned church/recording space Assemble in Detroit (where other D artists like JMSN and Danny Brown chill) and are keen to release more music in the new year. Sample the B3 Premiere of “Medusa” below.

Dec 10 – Philadelphia, Ortleib’s
Dec 11 – DC, Songbird’s
Dec 13 – NYC, Mercury Lounge
Dec 16 – Detroit, Masonic Temple *w/ GRiZ
Dec 17 – Toronto, Drake Underground

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Premiere: Flybear – Lies

Out today from 20-year old producer Flybear is “Lies”, the second track from his forthcoming debut EP “Night Hike”. On “Lies”, which follows follows breakthrough song “Soon…”, Flybear excels through a FlyLo-esque threading of organic instrumentation and grooves within the idiom of state-of-the-genre bass music. Flybear’s particular iteration of that blend sets apart from the greater majority of his beats/bass music peers, e.g. “Lies” sounds fresh and dynamic vs. is tired/blatant Youtube stream-hunting. We dig Flybear and we dig “Lies” which is available to spin above now via B3 Premiere. Lies is available now on Big Beat.

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Premiere: Nani – High

L.A.-based newcomers Nani follow-up lauded debut “I Am Volcano” with big new track “High”. Produced by Ross Robinson (The Cure, At The Drive, etc, etc), “High” is both spacious and formidable. Potent chugging guitars provide just enough rudder for a track that adeptly balances neat swerves of psychedelia and roomy production techniques. About “High”. a track that was particularly formative in the Nani’s early stages, the band said, “High was actually the first song we wrote together, and was the genesis of the whole project. This is the track that set everything in motion.” Spin the B3SCI Premiere of Nani’s “High” below.

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B3SCI Premiere: Magic Bronson – What a Week

Photo: Emily Linderman

“What a Week” is the breezy new track from the L.A.-based duo of Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman a/k/a Magic Bronson. The follow-up to the twosome’s self-titled EP from earlier this year which garnered praise from KCRW and, “What a Week” knocked us out initially for its refreshing and unpredictable sound (it feels refreshing even typing the phrase, “refreshing and unpredictable sound”!). Built on a vaguely house-y rhythm and synth template and backed by pan-genre multi-regional splashes of influence and sound (that cuica-sounding hook thing in the chorus is particularly cool), “What a Week” finds Magic Bronson continuing to push things forward sonically while keeping it all very listenable in the process. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “What a Week” from Magic Bronson below.

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Premiere: George Cosby – All of Your Love

B3 is very pleased to premiere “All Of Your Love” the new single from favorite UK songwriter George Cosby. Cosby, a nominee for 2016’s Blog Sound poll and a selection of Radio 1’s Best of Introducing, has through breakout tracks “Vacant Grace” “Ritual Blush” & “State of Undress” tallied over 1M streams on Spotify. The talented Londoner excels on new one “All of Your Love” which succeeds through a pair of Cosby’s big strengths A+ writing and potent/impassioned vocals. “All of Your Love” (which is available now to stream below) is a component part of George Cosby’s forthcoming “A Savage Kiss” EP, out October 14th on Yucatan Records.

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Premiere: Shapes in Calgary – Home

Photo: Ariana Ciorciari

Shapes in Calgary is the Brooklyn-based project of singer Alyssa Ciorciari and collaborators, producer/engineer Gary Atturio (Savoir Adore, Ski Lodge), drummer Tim McCoy (Darwin Deez, Field Mouse) and guitarist Billy Libby. The BK outfit on new track “Home” operate within a wide well of melodic empathy (try not feeling at least a tiny bit more emotionally empowered after listening to “Home”) and strong songcraft (“Home” features a cool blend of sounds and styles, 80’s pop/modern indie/songwriter, cooked up in a unique way). We dig “Home” and we’re very pleased to B3 Premiere the song below.

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Premiere: COTE – London

We’re very pleased to premiere “London”, the debut track from NY-based artist COTE. Highlighted by a potent, intimate lead vocal (we really love the tone and timbre of COTE’s voice particularly) and punctuated by strong, convincing sparely-produced instrumentation (again, we really like the restraint and precision of London’s instrumental tracks), “London” is a formidable debut from what we think is a very talented new artist that deserves your attention. Stream the B3SCI Premiere of “London” from COTE below.

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Premiere: Bright – Doing Things

Scandinavia’s latest and greatest R&B export is Oslo export Bright. “Doing Things”, which we are very pleased to premiere at B3, is outfitted expertly with a Drake to Trey Songz melange of A+ hook-writing and US radio-ready production and arranging. A featured artist at this year By:Larm festival in Oslo, a #1 track on his home country’s Spotify viral chart and tour support for Nelly, Bright is most definitely on his way up. Spin the B3 Premiere of “Doing Things” below.

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Premiere: Deep Dark Blue – Been Here Once Before

Deep Dark Blue are the Los Angeles-based duo of Jason Ganberg & Bryce Alber. The twosome operate around lush but ultimately quite memorable and singable pop writing neatly layered into a frame fitted with the expanse and space of deep house but with Radio 1/Hype Machine-ready care in the arrangement. New track “Been Here Once Before”, which we are very pleased to premiere at B3, follows the well-lauded (Buzzbands.LA, All Things Go, etc.) “Atoms” from March. Stream the strong “Been Here Once Before” below.

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Premiere: Meadowlark – Satellite


“Satellite” is a fine example of the well-tuned craft which Bristol duo Meadowlark is coming to be recognized for. With a soundscape reaching beyond the redundant and ambient R&B tendencies of their contemporaries, “Satellite” is an irresistible indie pop chiller, boasting uniquely expansive production and a melodic chorus of exceptional replay value.

“Satellite” is premiered here from the sophomore EP release by Meadowlark called ‘Paraffin‘, and is available this Friday 4/22 on Believe Records. Be sure to catch Meadowlark on tour in Europe this coming May.

Tour Dates

05/08/2016 @ Emergent Sounds Festival, Cologne Country : GERMANY
05/10/2016 @ OSLO, Supporting MT Wolf Country : UNITED KINGDOM
05/27/2016 @ Dot to Dot Festival, Manchester Country : UNITED KINGDOM
05/28/2016 @ Dot to Dot Festival, Bristol Country : UNITED KINGDOM
05/29/2016 @ Dot to Dot Festival, Nottingham Country : UNITED KINGDOM
06/18/2016 @ Bushstock Festival Country : UNITED KINGDOM
07/16/2016 @ Beat Herder Festival Country : UNITED KINGDOM

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Premiere: ALICE MK – Greed

unnamed 12.05.51 PM

“Greed” is the debut track online for Los Angeles-based dynamo ALICE MK. Bursting over with force, “Greed” is empowered pop fired forward from a position of offense and strength. “Greed”‘s mighty 1-2 rhythm is complemented by blasts of synth and an emphatic main vocal from Alice; a track and artist not to be taken lightly. Sample the B3 Premiere of “Greed” from ALICE MK below.

Alice MK
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Premiere: Mansionair – Pick Me Up (BAILE Remix)


Australian band Mansionair, the author of Hypem #1’s “Hold Me Down” and “Speak Easy”, are the recipients of an ace new remix from BK producer BAILE on latest track “Pick Me Up”. On the mix, BAILE, who’s produced strong past remixes for BAIO and Akiine, takes warmly spatial approach to “Pick Me Up” crafting an expansive but still emotively near new frame and atmosphere for Mansioair’s neatly composed tune. We love it. Stream the B3 Premiere of BAILE’s remix of “Pick Me Up” for Mansionair.

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