Premiere: Billie Eilish – Fingers Crossed (New Immunity Remix)

Billie Photo - Credit JAMIE LUCA
Photo: Jamie Luca

The tremendously talented 13 year old (!) Billie Eilish broke out online late last year when she rocketed to the upper reaches of the Hypem and Spotify Viral charts on the strength of her very strong single “Ocean Eyes”. “Fingers Crossed” another great track from the gifted young singer is the subject of a punchy new dance mix from VA-based duo New Immunity. We think you’ll dig the mix and are pleased to present below its B3 Premiere.

Billie Eilish
New Immunity
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Premiere: Ten Fe – In The Air (Star Slinger Remix)


“In The Air” the breakthrough single for UK duo Ten Fe is the recipient of a strong remix from longtime B3 fave Star Slinger. The Hypem No. 2 “In The Air” is set through a “Gotta Get Through This” Daniel Bedingfield frame and set to a cosmic soul-driven bit of rhythm. If that sounds about your speed (it’s definitely ours!), stream below the B3 Premiere of Star Slinger’s remix of “In The Air” for Ten Fe.

Ten Fe (Facebook)
Star Slinger (Soundcloud)
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Premiere: Barrie Rose – Laffy Taffy


“Laffy Taffy” is the newest track by L.A. pop newcomer Barrie Rose. Working with a very cool and diverse sound palette (80’s-esque sequenced synths paired with reverbed guitars and harp samples) and some pinpoint melodic writing (have had that “Laffy Taffy” hook thing burned in my brain most the AM), “Laffy Taffy” is a strong surprise and features a unique blend of sounds that deserves attention. Do not sleep on Barrie Rose.

John Looke (Soundcloud)
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Premiere: Grosser – Midnight Rides (Prod. Bob)

grosser - credit ben davis
Photo: Ben Davis

New Orleans 22-year old Grosser will release his debut mixtape Calm As Things Better Not To Tell on February 19th. The first track to be previewed from the project is the dark and minimalist mind rap of “Midnight Rides” produced by the tough-to-Google producer/but cool name Bob. Grosser excels particularly for his strong lyrical quality (there’s some cool turns of phrases and use of poetic structure here that needs to be noticed). Grosser is throwing a mixtape release party in NO on Feb. 25 at Gasa Gasa. We’re pleased to present the B3 Premiere of track “Midnight Rides” below.

Grosser (Soundcloud)
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Premiere: Palace Winter – Positron

Palace Winter_by_Robert_Lund-6_web (1)

Photo: Robert Lund

“Positron” is brand new single from breakthrough Danish duo Palace Winter. The twosome of Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager hit the top of the Hype Machine Popular chart last year with “Menton” and earned accolades, plaudits and exposure from places like The Guardian, 6 Music, and our humble website. “Positron” is the band’s return single and it propels forward the band’s dreamy but still straightforward hooky R.E.M.-ref’ing sound in a way that’s more focused and more sophisticated in its arrangement. Well done. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Positron” from Palace Winter below and look out for a bit of news from the band tomorrow!

Palace Winter (Facebook)
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Premiere: Vokes – Cruel Game


“Cruel Game” is the debut track online from Vokes a/k/a L.A.-based artist Mike Harris. The vaguely French/Euro-tinged “Cruel Game” imports the instrumental sonorousness of a band like Phoenix and fixes it to a breezy falsetto-highlighted vocal melody teeming with cool hooky turns and unexpectedly catchy tuneful swerves. We’re into it. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Cruel Game” from newcomer Vokes below.

Vokes (Soundcloud)
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Premiere: Dream Vacation – Red Water


“Red Water”, the new track from L.A. band Dream Vacation, is excerpted here from the band’s new self-titled EP. Produced by John Rausch (engineer for Florence + The Machine, Foxes, and Taylor Swift), “Red Water” picks up palette-wise on a mix of Disintegration-era Cure mood and Unforgettable Fire U2 melodicism. A potent blend of anthemic ideas and the instrumental scale to support such ambitions, “Red Water” is a strong listen we recommend. Stream the B3 Premiere of “Red Water” from L.A.’s Dream Vacation below.

Dream Vacation (Soundcloud)
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ELEL – Kiss Kiss (Kilter Remix)


Nashville-based riser Ben Elkins a/k/a ELEL is the recipient of an A+ deep house-flavored remix of his single for “Kiss Kiss”. The remix, produced by Australian musician Kilter, is spun around the feel and tenor of the club in its later hours but also maintains (an expert style move by Kilter) a cool bit of the great pop melodic framework of the original track. It’s a remix not to be missed. We’re pleased to B3 Premiere the Kilter Remix of ELEL’s “Kiss Kiss” single below.

ELEL (Soundcloud)
Kilter (Soundcloud)
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Premiere – Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes (GOLDHOUSE Remix)


Billie Eilish’s “Ocean Eyes” was one of our favorite debut tracks of 2015 (really one of our favorite songs of the year) so we’re doubly stoked to B3 Premiere this vibe-y new electro-pop remix that we love from Chicago producer GOLDHOUSE. Enjoy below.

Billie Eilish (Soundcloud)
GOLDHOUSE (Soundcloud)
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Premiere: Elliot & The Ghost – Big Tease

Elliot & The Ghost Press Pic

Brooklynites Elliot & The Ghost return with third single “Big Tease” following up previous track “Peach”. “Big Tease” is built stylistically of equal parts grimy and melodic Anglo-American rock, a sound that bands like Arctic Monkeys have rode to enormous success. All the style’s requisite components are there on “Big Tease”; distorted guitars wailing away in a minor-key, vaguely R&B rhythmic architecture, and most importantly an abundance of big vocal hooks at the all the right moments. Enjoy to the B3SCI Premiere of “Big Tease” from Elliot & The Ghost below. The “Big Tease” single is out tomorrow, January 15.

Elliot and the Ghost (Soundcloud) (Facebook)
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Premiere: Leiik – Words Over Yours


Photo: Barbora Mrazkova

London UK newcomers Leiik will release their self-titled debut EP on February 5th on Squareglass. The group composed of vocalist Amy Spencer and producer Avi Barath a/k/a Bunki land on striking and ethereal wavelength of beautiful dreamy pop on second track online “Words Over Yours”. Reminiscent sound palate-wise of bands like The xx and Cocteau Twins, “Words Over Yours” builds and twists around spare bass, reverbed vocal and instrumental washes and pinpoint ebbs and rises in dynamics. We like “Words Over Yours” quite a lot and you can stream the B3 Premiere of the track below.

Leiik (Soundcloud)
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Premiere: Michl – Kill (Nebbra Remix)


Michl, a new artist out of SoCal (the well-lauded “Kill” was his online debut), is party to an excellent bit of late night beats production on new remix for “Kill” from French favorite Nebbra. Kaleidoscope arpeggiators, rumbly bass synth, and a far-off vocal mix put a cool after hours shine on an already great pop track. Stream the B3 Premiere of Nebbra’s remix for Michl’s “Kill” below and look for more new music from Michl in the new year.

Michl (Soundcloud)
Nebbra (Soundcloud)

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