September 30, 2010

MONA – Listen To Your Love


“Listen To Your Love” is new from little known Nashville collective MONA. it also happpens to be one of our favorite ways to spend 3 minutes and 20 seconds as of late. an unsigned band, they have 3 songs (one a demo) available to hear on their MySpace, and all we can think of is really big ass bands, you know like Bono shit (trust us – check that demo) or that one brothers and cousin thing something Leon. either way, blahstradamus is wiggin out right now.. pressed recently via Rough Trade, “Listen To Your Love” hit shelves with a limited run of just 300. needless to say we didn’t get one, but we want one, and if you want to give us yours… we are happy to oblige.

MONA – Listen To Your Love

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rating: 8.6

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